Dear President Obama,

Today I was refused treatment at the cancer institute for my six month
CT scan. They told me my insurance was no good and didn't pay enough
to cover their costs. Now I have this insurance because we spent 26
years in the military serving this country in times of war and peace,
feast and famine. I got to choose which insurance I got and I took the
one where I pay the most out of pocket and had the best coverage. Not
the HMO one that is free. I pay the first $3000 out of pocket.

We were told we would have lifetime insurance while we were making
substandard pay all those years. We were told a lot of things. This
has happened on your watch and it is a disgrace. You should be
ashamed. All of Congress should be ashamed. I'll bet yours and their
coverage never told them to go home without a test like this after
cancer, now did it? I'll bet old Ted Kennedy didn't hear this, now
did he? You bet your bippy he didn't. I'll bet if I was your wife or
daughter I would not have been told this. Twenty-six years in the
military Mr. President! Twenty-six years!

Luckily I have enough money to pay for it myself. No thanks to any of
you I might add. But what about all the retired military that does not
have enough money? What about them Mr. President? Oh, go bail out some
more banks. You have your priorities. Shoot fire, heck a brick! I'll
see every one of y'all at the polls though.


A crazy old woman in a tiara...