Mr President, this is not going to be one of those letters that tells you how great you are doing and how proud I am of you. Frankly, your performance to date can only be termed as abysmal. Obviously, I did not vote for you but I would certainly be willing to give you your due if there was anything you had done in the first sixty days of your administration that I would consider even a little praise worthy. Unfortunately for the American people I cannot point to one thing.

So far the only thing you have done is break most of the campaign promises you made to the more moderate people inclined to vote for you and cater to the left wing radicals that you so closely identify with. We on the right warned our fellow citizens about your radical leanings and lack of any real executive experience, but our warnings and predictions were buried under the combined weight of the victim mentality and feigned racist outrage your supporters are so known for. To question your qualifications or criticize your associations was universally decried as racist or hate mongering. All the while your minions did all they could to personally impugned people like Sarah Palin, who on her worst day has more applicable executive experience than you do to be  our commander in chief. 

But my bigger point, Mr. President, is that all I have seen from you in these first two months is an attitude of arrogance and disassociation from the severe problems facing this country and her citizens. You spoke repeatedly of bipartisanship and transparency during the campaign, promised that you would be different from the practices of the past. Yet you have not only continued with the same old Washington practices, you have taken them to a whole new level of partisanship and non transparency. You abrogated your responsibility as POTUS and allowed a wholly partisan congressional leadership to craft the stimulus bill behind closed doors with zero Republican input and then broke your own promise to allow five legislative days for the American people to read any proposed legislation on the Internet before you would sign it in to law. 

During the campaign you put on the robes of the everyman, and made such a production about how you care so much for the common working people. Well, Mr. President, actions always speak louder than words and your actions show all that to be just what the people of my party were trying to tell others so intoxicated by your words, they truly were 'just words'. While you have the oval office thermostat at 80 degrees and sup on Wagu beef at one hundred dollars per pound, the working people of America are trying to find ways to conserve that gallon of milk or that loaf of bread a day or two longer, and wondering, if they have a job, will they still have it next week or next month. And you Mr. President, what do you do? You fly out to the coast and appear on Leno. You were elected to run this country, a country currently in the worst economic crisis since the 1920's, to see our chief executive take time out to appear on a talk show is simply beyond the pale and further illustrates your lack of fitness for the job. The worst of it is that you lack the insight to understand what message this sends to Americans struggling to make ends meet, and apparently lack the maturity to see where your duty lies. Neither of which instills the confidence of the American people. One little hint for you, it isn't't on the set of the Tonight Show.

In naught but sixty days you have tripled the national debt, shown a capacity for cooking the books that would make an Enron exec green with envy and broken almost all of your campaign promises about openness and bipartisanship, quite simply all your words about change were just that, only words.

Mr. President, it is time for you to awaken from this ideological stupor you are in and realize that the American people, will not embrace the socialistic society you have been mislead to believe is the destiny of this republic. The protests and 'Tea Parties" you are seeing now will pale in comparison to the backlash you will feel from the American people should you continue down this road and ignore our protestations. We will not stand by while you attempt to reshape the very pillars of our national identity. 

Mr. President, you have been in office only sixty days and already have been found wanting. It is painfully obvious that you are simply not up to the task of running this country. Your actions and words are those of a frat boy, fresh out of college, so sure that he has it all figured out, still believing all the claptrap fed to you by your ex hippie professors, who never left the 'summer of love' behind.   

President Obama, the 60's are over, socialism has failed, and we do not wish to try your vision of it here in the US.          


Dear President Obama,

Today I was refused treatment at the cancer institute for my six month
CT scan. They told me my insurance was no good and didn't pay enough
to cover their costs. Now I have this insurance because we spent 26
years in the military serving this country in times of war and peace,
feast and famine. I got to choose which insurance I got and I took the
one where I pay the most out of pocket and had the best coverage. Not
the HMO one that is free. I pay the first $3000 out of pocket.

We were told we would have lifetime insurance while we were making
substandard pay all those years. We were told a lot of things. This
has happened on your watch and it is a disgrace. You should be
ashamed. All of Congress should be ashamed. I'll bet yours and their
coverage never told them to go home without a test like this after
cancer, now did it? I'll bet old Ted Kennedy didn't hear this, now
did he? You bet your bippy he didn't. I'll bet if I was your wife or
daughter I would not have been told this. Twenty-six years in the
military Mr. President! Twenty-six years!

Luckily I have enough money to pay for it myself. No thanks to any of
you I might add. But what about all the retired military that does not
have enough money? What about them Mr. President? Oh, go bail out some
more banks. You have your priorities. Shoot fire, heck a brick! I'll
see every one of y'all at the polls though.


A crazy old woman in a tiara...