As Emerson said: "Words are alive. Cut them and they bleed."

Fill your head with words till they are bursting back out from your fingers covered in ferocious life and love and energy. You give them their power. Wield them.

There is hope you know. Remember hearing about it? We heard that word HOPE being thrown around for over 2 years as a campaign promise and a plea to seat someone upon the power of our problems. Someone willing to be patient and diligent and true. To guide. To lead. To inspire. It was a constant push for us to care again. To do our part. To BELIEVE in CHANGE. To "Get out and vote." We did. So what now? Sit back and hope everyone does a good job?

No! We sat around and hoped for the best for too long. There IS hope ya know. But it's not coming from crossed fingers and heavy hearts. It's in our words that we are sharing and putting up for stares. WE are the hope. What we say. How WE lead. The window is wide open right now for all of us to do our share of word spreading and turn this ship around. What am I talking about? I'm talking about applying unbelievable amounts of pressure for follow thru and some acknowledgment that we are all being heard. All of us. If this President is truly a peoples President than he will surely want to hear the people.

What got me thinking about all of this has been seeing these meme things flying around the many social networking sites we frequent... and I started wondering. What if we were writing something a little more important? What if we were writing and painting a true picture of where we are, how we are doing. How we are living. What we are thinking. And what if we did this all at the same time.

How many times are we spoken for in speeches? We hear all the time the phrsae: "what the American People want." I don't remember anybody asking me anything. Our National News conducts a phone poll and throws up some numbers and can claim shaky ground for a Stimulus or soaring popularity for the President. But I have never been asked. And I don't think I know a single person that I have personally met that has been polled about anything. We are a network, a community of bloggers that all have stories.

I started this blog. It's sitting here on the internet waiting for us. For ALL OF US to write a "Post to the President". We all have twitter. We all know how to hot link and pass along information. We are the best at word spreading. Think of the power we are sitting in front of. The power we have to be loud. I'm talking about a show of force. Some might think this is cheesy or silly or pointless. But try to imagine the thousands of people that sat and wrote out the "25 Things About You" meme and it keeps passing around. Just think if the same amount of people took the time to write a post to the President, and they were all collected in one place to be seen, to be read. How awesome would that be. A TRUE account of what the American people think. Good. Bad. All of it.

I am asking that we ALL, and I mean ALL OF US please take part in this exercise and leave a "Post To The President"

All the Love in the Universe ~ Me

I thought it might help if there were some basic guidelines to follow for the shy, or the bloggers with so much to say they feel overwhelmed and are not sure where to start. So here is a list of basic things you can follow. Or by all means write whatever you want. even if it is just to say something very brief.

1. Where are you from
2. How many of you are there? Give a basic breakdown of your family
3. Employed/ Unemployed/ Looking/ Struggling/ What's your situation?
4. What are you most worried about?
5. Any gripes or complaints so far?
6. How do you feel about the Economic Recovery Plan?
7. Do you have any suggestions on something you would focus on first?
8. Do you have confidence in your President?

Again these are just suggestions. Just to help people that might need a nudge.