Dear Mr. President,

First, are you comfortable? Got something to drink, coffee? Can I get you anything else, because I tend to ramble? I and for the next several paragraphs, I'd like your undivided attention. I say like in the nicest way possible. I know you are busy, and I have a huge appreciation for your time. Thanks.

I don't really care how you got here. I don't care who your father is. I don't really care about your personal life much at all. All I want is for you to do your job. The job you were elected/hired to do. You work for me. I am your boss. Nice to meet you, my name is American Citizen.

You were hired to do a job that is probably the toughest job in the world. But I don't care about the politics. I care about us. You spent 2 years raising money to fund an election campaign. Impressive. But I don't want you tell me what you think I want to hear so I can dig deeper in my pocket. My pockets are empty. I'd even try to pawn the lint if I thought I could.

Now you need to raise money to fund a country, among other things. Little bit tougher task, I'd say, but doable. I have faith in your abilities, or you wouldn't have been hired.

We have been beaten down for so long it's tough to not be numb. But the feeling is returning. We are all so cautious. Trust is a big thing. Hope even bigger. And you asked us to hope. Don't sugar-coat what you say to me. I'm in the dirt. If you mix dirt and sugar…still tastes like dirt. Still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Get a shovel.

I will work hard to get us back to where we need to be. I do that every day of my life, because I have to. You have been given an assignment, a commission, a job. Something I may not even have.

You speak for me: the person who isn't being heard; the person who doesn't agree with how you are doing your job, but will trust the outcome will be better; the person who thinks every word that you speak is yours; the person who knows sometimes they aren't; the person who dug deep to find $100 to send to your campaign; the person who didn't vote for you; the person who thanks God each night they have a roof over their head; the person who just spent $100,000 on a car; I am your boss. When you speak, you speak for me. When you do anything, it is on my behalf.

Do not have the attitude that you can't please all the people. That is your job. If you are as good as you say, or even close, we will all change OUR attitudes. And this business of country will profit.

I'm sure there will be other things we need to discuss in the future. But if we are square on where we start out together, then honesty and forthrightness will be the rule and keep us going in the correct direction. For us all.

Thanks for your time. You can return to your work, now.

-American Citizen

a.k.a. Wendy Hopkins