It is another Wednesday night and I sit at my pc and look at all the bills I owe. How on earth will they get paid, the mortgage is already 11 days past the due date and I am two months behind on my gas bill to heat my home which I share with my twin 17 yr old sons, the electric bill is due and so are many other things. I am a single mother who DOES not live above her means, I am a working single mom who would do anything for her children except sell her soul to the devil himself. I work hard for a living and you know I do not make enough to buy groceries to feed my growing boys. I am tired of the struggle and I believe you can get things on track for a better way of life, however I do not believe it can be done by bailing out the likes of the companies who helped put the country in the shape it is in today. Think about it.

This world in which we live in needs to know what the word NO means. This word should be said a lot to those of us who wish to get ourselves in debt up to our eyebrows. Why are those who control loans allowed to continue to say yes even when they know better. They should all be held accountable for such a decission to loan out money. Those of us who worry about everyone else but our own lifes should really step back and take a good look at our own yards. I personally feel that if everyone would just take care of there own yards first then and only then should we take on the task of butting into the lives of other folks and other countries.

Maybe you should think of something like how this stimulus money is really going to benifit the Americans who suffer day to day. Those who you have alocated this money to live in glass houses and make millions in paycks every single week. They do not need this money they all need pay cuts! There has been $790 Billion dollars given to bail out big banks, cooperations and god only knows who else. Tell me again why on earth should I give up my hard earned tax dollars to help with this kind of funding? Now with so much poverty in our own country and so much individual debt all brought on by those this money is supose to bail out, think about this. With roughly about 400 Million people who live here in the USA why not just give each and every one of us 1 Million dollars to get ourselfs out of the debt. Those who are infants should have a fund started for them because we all know that the cost of school by the time they are grown up will be crazy. I think this idea would work although it might put the banks and loan companies out of business and frankly I really dont care about them anyway. Again without them the country would not be in such a mess. You see if those of us who really needed that money used it to pay off our debts we would be so much happier and the banks and credit card companies would no longer have a strong hold on America! With folks being out of debt the world we live in would be so much happier I think. It would cut down so much anger that we all feel when we fail to pay the mortgage and we lose our homes because we can no longer pay back those loan companies for them. Do you know what that does to a persons ego? Yes even those who live above their means should be given a chance to make it right. Anyway you should think about this new approch, now those would be nice stimulus checks !

Single Mom in MO