Dear Mr. President-

Congratulations on your election. For once I voted for someone who won.

I am a married mother of 2 college-age daughters in Texas. My husband and I work for the same market research company that is based in the UK. We are fortunate that our company is doing well and foresees no need to reduce its workforce in the UK or the US.

I’m pleased to see that the stimulus bill has finally passed despite Republican hostility. I had hoped that we would see a new day dawn on Washington but that is not to be. Old ways die hard and it will be a long fight to restore our democracy.

You have inherited quite a few problems but I believe you are the man for the job. Don’t let yourself fall into excuses or rhetoric. You may have inherited these problems but we’re looking to you to fix them. Keep looking forward and not back.

Change comes neither easily nor swiftly but it will come. Know that there are many Americans who await this change and look to you to lead this charge.

We are entering a new political landscape, one that allows the electorate more voice than ever before. The Internet and all that can be accomplished using its many wonders and voices will change the way politics are played forever. Your campaign was a herald of things to come but know that the genie is out of the bottle. Just as you were able to use the Internet to defeat your opponent, it can used to keep you honest.

I recently wrote to my Senators and Congressman with a plea to put aside their partisan differences and vote Yes on the stimulus package. I ended those letters with a phrase that I share with you here:

“The electorate is awake, we're pissed off and we're paying attention.”

I hope that you, as an intelligent, gifted individual (and let me just say how refreshing that is to see in a politician) will be able to move our nation forward through these difficult times and into a new day. You have a difficult job ahead of you fraught with hardship both personal and public, but one that I feel you were called to do. Move forward with hope and peace and the knowledge that despite the many shrill voices allayed against you there are those who wish you well with all their hearts.

Round Rock, Texas