Dear Mr. President,

I like you, a lot. I think you are just the voice we need for our generation and that is evident in the overwhelming support you got from the young voters. I believe you believe in your message and that your heart is in the right place. While all that is well and good I urge you not to forget how distressed your supporters really are.

I have worked hard for my money, working long hours, demanding physical labor, and taking low paying jobs just to support myself. I've lived within my means and haven't purchased a home I can't afford and yet I am one of the many suffering today due to the mistakes of others. Everyone I know wonders how they're going to stay in their homes with no income. Many of us, including me, are wondering which "luxury" we can live without, internet to find a job, heat to keep us warm, or gas for our car to keep up with the hunt.

I was responsible, I made wise financial decisions and yet I am hurting more than ever while the mortgage giants have to settle for smaller billion dollar bonuses. Seriously? I hate politics. I hate that the rich are the powerful while the poor fall under the rug. I'm not asking for communism or even socialism, I am asking for capitalism. If a bank messes up, let them fail. Obviously if they had horrible business practices that have led them to crash, so be it. We are better off. Let the ones with the right message and proper ethics prosper.

No more bailing out the ones dipping their fingers into your desserts.

You gave me the hope to believe in America and now I'm hoping you stick to your word.

A Little Ol' Civilian