Dear Mr. President,

In a world where Global Warming seems to be the biggest environmental problem, I sometimes wonder if our representatives remember that people need clean water and sufficient food to survive…not new and improved cars. Not new ways to make "green" gas, or find ways to become "independent" from our energy needs. See with the economy in the shape it is, those energy needs will be going down anyway, as well as driving, as well as spending, and as well as anything else frivolous or extra.

It seems fashionable to talk about doing the whole "green" thing. It appears popular and the right thing to do and IT IS---but consider that there are people across the US who do not even have their basic needs met. And buying a green bag at stores is going to help the global community how? Going green is not buying a special bag at a store, or eating organic, or installing solar panels. These are good and GREAT things, however, is the govt offering people billions of dollars to revamp their lifestyles? it seems like a ploy just to keep digging ourselves into a deeper hole that will eventually collapse and bury us alive.

Realizing the USA is hard enough to deal with sir, it would seem prudent to worry about keeping our country alive…and less about making sure everyone likes us. Because they can like us all they want, but we'll die starving before we ask for help.

Respectfully putting my trust in your decisions and judgements, I will not judge you for what you think is best, just like previous presidents. You do what you can and what you think is right, and I will know at the end of your time that you truly worked as hard as you could. Because I believe every president deserves that trust to truly lead our country.

Survival of the Wisest