First of all, this blog is incredible... thank you. Here's my letter...

Dear Mr. President,
I believe that you really do want whats best for this country. I do. I'm trying to support you. Trying to keep the faith, so to speak, which is not an easy task with all that's going on.However, you didn't make the mess, and I know that. But last night I heard some news that is earth shattering. Not only to my family, but to the majority of America. I hear that you're more worried about giving back to the unions who supported your campaign than you are about the rest of us. The majority of this country's workforce is non-union. My husband is part of that majority. What really get's me here is that even though companies like my husbands are at the cutting edge of their industry, winning awards, and consistently doing the best work, you've decided that the majority of the job's created by your stimulus (which WE'RE paying for) will be given strictly to union operated companies. Why is this?! Why ruin the hope of so many people before this has even got started!? Why not let the "cream rise to the top" by letting every company bid for the jobs just like it goes everyday??? If you eliminate the non-union workers, I have no doubt it will directly effect my family. Every day my husband goes to work to build better schools and hospitals. If all the new projects are only allowed to be bid by union workers, what will his company do?? Just think about it sir, I'm not saying don't give the unions a chance, because they deserve to work just like any one else. But don't ruin the rest of our opportunities.

A Worried Wife Mother